Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu

Craving a hearty, juicy steak but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further than Chili’s! Their iconic Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu is packed with tempting options for every taste and budget.

Chili's Steak Menu Prices

This guide is your one-stop shop for navigating the Chili’s Steak Menu like a pro. We’ll break down all the cuts, toppings, sides, and more, giving you the lowdown on what to order to ensure a satisfying and wallet-friendly steak feast.

Plus, I’ll sprinkle in some helpful tips and tricks to make your Chili’s steak experience even better.

Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu With Prices

we slow cook and smoke our Texas-sized baby back ribs indoors over pecan wood. We use only 100% USDA ribeye and choice sirloin for our hand-trimmed steaks.

Ribs(Half Order) $22.19
(Full Order) $27.59
Classic Sirloin with Avocado(6oz) $19.29
(10oz) $24.59
Classic Sirloin(6oz) $18.79
(10oz) $25.59
Surf & Turf Sirloin$32.59
Classic Ribeye$27.69
Surf & Turf Ribeye$34.59
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How to Order Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu?

Ordering Chili’s Steak Menu is a breeze, whether you’re dining in, grabbing takeout, or ordering online! Here’s your guide:

Choose Your Platform

  • Dining in: Head to your local Chili’s and grab a menu. Friendly servers are happy to answer questions and guide you through the options.
  • Takeout or Delivery: Browse the online menu or app (Chili’s App, DoorDash, etc.). Pictures and descriptions make choosing easier.

Select Your Steak

  • Classic cuts: Sirloin (budget-friendly & tender), Ribeye (marbled & juicy), New York Strip (lean & classic), Bone-in Ribeye (extra flavor & juiciness).
  • Consider toppings: Garlic butter (classic), Cilantro Pesto and avocado (fresh twist), Pico de Gallo (zesty kick), or bare (pure steak).

Sides to stack

  • Fries (crispy & golden), Loaded Mashed Potatoes (creamy & cheesy), Steamed Broccoli (healthy balance), Onion Rings (shareable & satisfying).

Don’t forget extras

  • Shrimp Scampi (surf & turf), Mac & Cheese (gooey & comforting), Dessert (Molten Chocolate Cake or Brownie Sundae).

Customize and add-ons

  • Choose your steak temperature. Be specific to avoid overcooking!
  • Add sides of sauces: A1, Ranch, or Chili’s special steak sauce.
  • Get extra toppings: Cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc.

Order and pay

  • In-person: Tell your server your choices. Pay with cash, card, or contactless options.
  • Online/app: Add items to your cart, select delivery or pickup, and pay securely.

Bonus tips

  • Check for online coupons or deals!
  • Join Chili’s Rewards for points and discounts.
  • Consider lunch specials for budget-friendly options.
  • With these steps, you’re ready to conquer the Chili’s Steak Menu like a pro! Enjoy your delicious, juicy steak feast!

Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu – Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters

Chili’s Grill & Bar 5775 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: (972) 941-8000 Fax: (972) 941-8100

Customer Service: 1-800-374-5454

Official Website:

Chili’s Steak & Ribs Menu – Final words

Whether you’re craving a classic like the Flo’s Filet Mignon or a bold newcomer like the Spicy Mango-Chile Boneless Short Rib, there’s a perfect cut of meat.

waiting for your taste buds at Chili’s.Remember, you deserve a treat, and Chili’s is ready to serve it up hot and tasty!

Thanks for reading!

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